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It was definitely spontaneous. I wasn't planning on doing it at all. If I was planning on it I would have probably worn something else. I had like two layers of clothes kristeeleeon and it was freezing out that day. I had platform shoes on. I couldn't run in them so I had to run in my socks. So I definitely didn't plan it, it was a spontaneous thing. I think when I mentioned it, it was like two innings before I finally did it. I told my friend, I think I'm gonna give Derek [Jeter, the Yankees' star shortstop] my phone number. And she's like, yeah, right! Cut it out! She goes, we're not going to be able to make our plans tonight. And I'm like, yeah, but it's opening day, I think I'm just gonna go with it. So I did.

I'm pretty quick but I knew I'd probably get caught. But I didn't know I'd go to jail in the night. I didn't know I would have all these fines and court dates. It's totally gotten crazy. I had no idea it was going to turn into this.

Five-O: Were they nice to you?

KW: (emphatically) No. When I finally got into police custody they were kinda nice to me but the guy who was chasing me around the stadium was kinda pissed when he caught me because I kept getting away from him. There was one moment on the field where he had my arms and I would kinda walk with him and then when he least expected it, I bolted. So he was a little annoyed. When he passed me off to the police, he's like, hold onto her, she's a worm! You know, like he was kinda mad. But then the cops, they were kinda cool about it. But then when I had to go to this jail part, they were mean.

First I was in a paddy wagon for probably like an hour. It seemed like three. Police take me to the precinct, they do all the paperwork. Then they say I have to go stay overnight and see the judge in the morning. At that point I was like, oh my God, you know? I had to go to jail in the Bronx. There was like 20 other inmates in there. It was all walks of life really. It was crazy. There was crackheads there. It's the Bronx. So I definitely didn't fit in.

I had been in there for so long and I was like starving and finally this crate comes in with baloney sandwiches, but only enough kristieleefor the amount of inmates that are in there. So I get up and I go to get my sandwich and this big like burly girl comes, you know. She was getting her sandwich and she was like, you ain't gonna eat that are you? She just totally stole my baloney sandwich from me. I was like, naw, I wasn't really hungry, you can have it. I was gonna get my ass kicked in the Bronx for a baloney sandwich (laughs). If it was like my home town, I would have stood up for myself. Because in my home town nobody fights. But in the Bronx, like I definitely backed down.

And there was no place to sit. There was like three benches and everyone was on the floor and there was bugs there, it was horrible. It was horrible. At one point there was a bug on me and I started screaming. And when I was screaming, I woke up all these crackheads that were sleeping on the floor. And then the security guard like ran in, he's like what's the matter? Why are you screaming? I'm like, there's a bug on me! I was totally freaking out. And all these girls were like so pissed. They were like, Shit, girl! You ain't never seen a bug before? Jesus Christ! Where you live you ain't never seen no cockroach? They were all pissed off at me, they couldn't even believe that like I was screaming over a bug. But the bug actually took me by surprise. It was on me and I was like, "Ahhh!" The other inmates thought I was a prima donna, which I've so never been my whole entire life, but in that particular situation I happened to be, you know?

Like one girl was in there, she just stabbed her husband. It was bad. So that's something I never, ever, ever want to experience again.

So I go to see the judge in the morning. And he assigned a court date for me, or I thought I'd get a court date in the mail.

Five-O: So they put you out but you don't have you stuff, right?

KW: Nothing. So now I'm in the Bronx with no money, I'm in my socks. I called my friend and she drove from Jersey. It took her like two hours to get there so I'm sitting outside the Bronx jail freezing. It was really bad.

When I was in jail that morning one of the security guards slipped me the New York Post under the door. I looked at why and I was like, oh my God, I'm in the Post. Then like all the other inmates were like, what? And I'm like, that's me. And they're like, what'd you do? And I'm like, I gave Derek my number. They're like, you're crazy! They're like, he's gonna call you. When I was released everyone was cool with me but in the beginning they hated me.

I was inside 16 hours. That's a long time.

It was in all the papers. Daily News, New York Times, Newsday. It was crazy. I didn't really think it would do that. When I got arrested again at Bergdorf-Goodman's, that's when I was on the cover of the Post.

Five-O: Why did you miss your first court date?

KW: I assumed they were going to send me something in the mail stating court date. Because I've gotten tickets before, you know, sometimes they just send you notices in the mail of your court date. So I was waiting and didn't get anything. It's been so crazy, I've been so busy, I'm waiting, waiting, never got anything. And I finally get a letter in the mail, and I go, it's about time, because I see it's from the Bronx, I open it up, it says — you missed your court date, there's a warrant for your arrest.

I call the public defender, I'm like what is this? He was like, you missed your court date. I'm like, I didn't know. He says, you postneed to get in here as soon as possible, there's a warrant for your arrest. I'm like, I need to work, I'll come in on my day off. The cops made one of my friends tell them where I worked. So I came in to work and they were waiting for me at my counter. They arrested me and they took me out in handcuffs. It was very embarrassing because Bergdorf-Goodman is a very prestigious store and no one ever gets arrested. I'm getting walked out by police and security. And everyone's looking at me like, did she just steal a diamond bracelet? What did she do? And I wish I could tell everyone, I only gave Derek my phone number, you know what I mean? Because everyone's looking at me like I just robbed a mink coat upstairs.

I think the police thought it was a funny thing, like they'd rather pick me up than get some crackhead. They're like, let's go get this girl, this is a joke, this'll be an easy day. And I said to them, why didn't you just come to my house? Why did you just embarrass me at my work, you know? And he was like, oh, New York was closer, we didn't feel like going to Jersey.

I'm like, oh cool, now I'm going to get fired.

The judge just gave me a new court date. I wasn't really that much in the press at that point, until the next day it was on the cover, the headline said, "Busted at Bergdorf's!"

My family is over it, totally. My dad, he doesn't think that's the best way to go about it, he's kinda old fashioned and he thinks it's a little forward and overbearing. I said, Dad, it's really hard to stand out in like, 55,000 people in a stadium. It was more of a funny, joke kind of thing. Yeah, I dig Derek, whatever, but I'm not obsessed with him. I know a lotta places he goes and hangs out. I could go there and eventually run into him, but I haven't even attempted any of that. My life's kinda busy and I'm not that, like, into it, you know?

On my website there's a guest book and some people wrote some really mean things, but then I got 6,000 emails of people like totally: you did what every girl dreams about doing but only you did it, you know? One lady emailed me, she said she was in love with this pitcher from the Braves when she was young. She's like 50 now. She would always go to the Yankee Stadium games, but only when they play the Braves. She's like, I always wanted to try to meet him or get his attention, I was so in love with him, and I never had the guts to do anything like that. She goes, I don't know you but I've been following your story. And that was really nice. I emailed her back and we keep in touch still.

I got like 20 nasty, nasty emails and five thousand like awesome ones.

KW: I used to sing in a band for three years but I didn't play guitar at that point. When the band broke up I picked up guitar, I've been playing for a year. I write all my songs, original music. Lately I've been trying to pursue acting, but music has always been my outlet, I love it. For me music is an outlet, a release, not a career. Songwriters in the round, I'll do that sometimes. It's like 10 different songwriters we all sit on stage in a circle, we all play our original music for the other songwriters and talk about what we wrote the song about. It's a spontaneous thing, not like a show.

My fifteen minutes was over a long time ago.

All the talk shows were calling, "Today Show", "Inside Edition", Fox local, Fox international, Greta van Sustren, there were six talk shows that called that first day, and it basically died down, like anything. The Post keeps wanting to do follow-ups, they tried to dress me like Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriends.

I've been going to a lot of muscular dystrophy benefits, I've been invited to stuff like that, which I love. You meet a lot of people there. I went to one with Roger Cedano from the Mets. They wanted the Jeter girl to be with the Met guy. And I went to a John Starks benefit. It's a good cause. I played a celebrity softball game, a David Cone benefit.

I have to see the judge. Oh my God, I don't know if it's October 3rd or October 30th. The form here says the 3rd, but the newspaper says the 30th. I have to straighten that out. They wanted to give me like 15 days community service and a fine. But my lawyer says that's kind of a lot because for people who normally trespass, they only get two days community service. They're trying to make an example.

I got a public defender. They tried to make me get a lawyer. I go, no way, I totally need a public defender and they let me do it.

Five-O: Have people called and said, I'm not Jeter or anything, but will you go out with me?

KW: Tons of people. And I never responded. It's the same kinda thing. Like Derek probably didn't call me because he thinks I'm psycho, you know what I'm saying? If he had any idea who I was, he'd be in love with me. And these other guys that email me and say, I'm not Derek but I'm a great catch, I'm sure that they probably are, but I think they're psycho for emailing me. Not really, but I'm not going to even get into that.

I was just at the Yankee game, a Saturday game.

Five-O: You had no urge to crash the field this time, right?

KW: I totally did! I was so close. I coulda hopped over the wall and been like, hey. I had promised that I wouldn't. I know that I'm in all this trouble in New York and if I did that, New York would just hand my ass to me.

Five-O: But Derek was right there.

KW: He was so right there. What am I, gonna run out there and go, why didn't you call me? I'll look ridiculous.

I'm really attracted to people like that in the limelight. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think that they're interesting, intriguing, whatever. I don't fantasize about it. When Derek plays ball, I'm so attracted to him. He's so good. It's phenomenal. But I don't know. He could be the biggest jerk. I'm almost afraid to meet him. He's kind of dorky. There's nothing wrong with that.

When I did the charity softball game, I played in that and David Wells was there and David Cone, it was his benefit, and Don Larsen, like these are the only three Yankees that ever pitched a perfect game. So they were there to start off the pitch for the tournament and I was playing second base and I made this really awesome play. It was the best. This guy hit it over the right fielder's head, so the right fielder goes out for the ball. It was really far, so me being the second baseman, I go out for the cut off. So the right fielder throws me the cut off and I turn and I see the runner going for third. So I gunned it from right field to third, I threw him out. It was awesome! I threw my glove in the air, I was all psyched. And David Cone was like, Holy Shit! Out of everything that happened, that was probably the greatest moment right there, when I threw the guy out at third and David Cone saw it.

Five-O: Did you hear about the two guys that ran out of the stands and beat up that coach [from the K.C. Royals]?

KW: What is that? And there is a picture of me next to THEM in the papers. That's disgusting. That's a disgrace. That gives us runners out-on-the-field, like, a bad name.

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Plus the Opposing View:
>> "Ban Kristielee!" The Man on the Scene cries FOUL. <<


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