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Only the velvet rope separates this future stuntwoman from a career in the tradition of Evel's fellow daredevils, Debbie Lawler and Janet Lee. Below: Hollywood personality Marguerite Martins reposes after personally thanking Evel Knievel for rocketing himself into the Snake River like a live action Wile E. Coyote.

hank williams 3
Hank Williams III
Talks to Five-O about Superjoint Ritual
evel's lean years
The Man Who
Fell To Earth
Evel's Omega Years
pray for the wildcats
Pray for the Wildcats
TV Movie Mayhem
from '74
Evel Knievel
Full Photo Coverage!
The Mothman Prophecies
Interview with Director Mark Pellington
50 Years
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Life Magazine
40 Years
Playboy - July 1962
tom t. hall
30 Years
Tom T. Hall
Greatest Hits
judas priest
20 Years
Judas Priest
Screaming for Vengeance