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"I introduced John to Bo," reveals Evel. John was filming a project at a Harley store where Bo worked for her father. Evel didn't know her, but he introduced her to his friend Derek anyway. "She has a sister that looks almost exactly like her," Evel recalls. "Anyway, to hear John and Bo say it they met on the Mediterranean. They met at a Harley store in Long Beach." (Below) A publicity still from the John Derek-directed movie "Tarzan, The Ape-Man" (1981). Expressing an emotion somewhere between bad acting and sexual climax, the director's shapely ape girl tussles with the Acme standard of phallic symbols, the giant Bo-Constrictor. It must have been in the air with the big hair during the Big '80s. Remember Nastassja Kinski had a best selling poster of herself intertwined nude with a giant boa? And the "Hungry Like The Wolf" video? Let's not even get into it.

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