"I do what I do because I'm
Evel Knievel. I don't ask why."
-EK, June 2, 2002

Nobody knows gravity better than Evel Knievel. Maybe that's why there's a gravitas to Evel that sets him apart from everyone else trying to get your attention or sell you something. It's because Evel Mach II is a study in something that can't be faked, played, borrowed or bought. His story is about character - lode-bearing character, forged in endurance with tectonic fault lines - that's the bedrock of his comeback, not risking disaster, not show biz, not money, not fame, not one man's inexplicable immunity to aversive conditioning.

With Evel everything is about the emotion that motivates a man to take action. The daredevil ideal is equal parts inspiration and defiance: proving doubters wrong, validating everyone who believes in you. It's about beating the odds in a lightning strike of triumph.

It's true Evel's plans could change faster than the weather in Texas. When he says he wants to jump either at Sturgis, South Dakota, Butte, Montana, Yankee Stadium or the Roman Coliseum, you know all options are on the table. But what won't change is the man's character. His time is limited. He's got something big inside him and something big is exactly what he intends to do.

He may appear as stoic as the marble-jawed bust of a Roman general, but Evel is a creature of emotion. And when he envisions taking flight for the greatest spectacle of his career, when he anticipates defying death on two wheels at perilous heights and monstrous speeds with a motor screaming between his legs, when Evel measures the balance between danger and reward - it just feels right.

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